Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jodhpurs: the Official Trousers of Adventure!

Part One (There will probably be a part two....)

........................................................................................(It's me!)

I love jodhpurs. I have two pairs from eBay, and they are smashing! I do have one thing to point out for anyone selling a pair of these stupendous pants though - measurements. The waist and inseam measurements are obviously important, but they always list the hip measurement (not a problem in jodhpurs) and not the calf measurement (a huge problem). I realize men my height in the first World War and the 1920s (the eras in which my jodhpurs were made) had much thinner calves than me (I have cankles, which is quite annoying) but it would be nice to know if there is enough extra cloth to move the buttons or sew in an extra panel to actually get them closed. Just a tip. Anyway, I love them. They are more comfortable than they look, and I feel amazing all day when I wear them.

Not only do they look cool, and show off a buxom figure, as pointed out by River Song, but they are the official trousers of adventure. It's true. All adventurous activities used to be done in jodhpurs - riding, fighting, flying... not underwater exploring, but pretty much everything else. And one does look extra adventurous in them, even just standing around:

Raoul Lufbery looking quite dashing,

Amelia Earhart looking snazzy as well,

Frank Luke, not looking too happy, because his wingman was killed during that battle, but the wreckage of the balloon behind him is pretty impressive.

Charles Lindbergh, with the Spirit of Saint Louis...

...and working on the engine.

Now, it may be that the adventurousness of these people has more to do with the planes behind them than with their attire, but what about when your adventure goes slightly awry?

Or lions try to nom you?

(ok, so those lions are his pets, but I think that makes Lufbery even more adventurous!)

And, if you needed more proof, here you go:

In part 2, I will demonstrate the fact that any activity, if done wearing jodhpurs, becomes more adventurous. But it will be a while, so back to the randomness for a few posts...


  1. Mom googled "Jodhpur", the city in India, wondering why the deuce it was the name of the trousers; along the way we found that Jodhpur is bright blue. Like, the whole city. It's awesome.

    Incidentally the reason they're called that is the son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur popularized them while studying in England. In India they're called churidars. Given the cavalry traditions in northern India I'd bet they were preferred for use as riding pants there, too.

  2. Cool. I figured it was because of the Raj, when the English were in India, not vice-versa. Interesting.

    That is a beautiful city! The architecture would be pretty, even if it wasn't such an awesome color.

  3. I like the "steampunk" vibe of this blog!
    -Pat Vandapool